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How did it all begin

About us


Aussie Dreams is a community of dreamers with a single purpose:

succeeding in Australia.

We advise you in a close and truthful manner so that you can fulfill your dream of living, studying, and working in Australia.

We take care of all the paperwork to make your life easier so you can enjoy this experience to the fullest.

We are passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams too and we want you to be a part of our family!


Are you ready to chase your dreams?

We help you!


It all started as a dream...


This is the "power couple" behind Aussie Dreams. We are Melissa (Mexican) and Daniel (Australian born in Seville).

We take care of everything, which means you couldn't be in better hands!


Our history

We invite you to come to Australia to fulfill your dreams with Aussie Dreams!

in AUSSIE, DREAMS come true!



Qualified Study Agency

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