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If you're wondering what it's like to live on the Gold Coast, Australia, we've got all the real-world experience at your fingertips!

If you love the beach, hate the cold and want to live like on vacation forever, Gold Coast is your ideal city! It has everything for all tastes!

Kangaroo on the Beach
Here's what it's REALLY like to LIVE on the Gold Coast, Australia:



1. Gold Coast is one of the most visited destinations in Australia. Tourism keeps the city alive and generates many jobs! In Surfers Paradise alone, the center of the Gold Coast, there are more than 4 million visitors a year!

2. Gold Coast has a great variety of activities to offer: the sea, beach, and warm weather. There is always something great to do. Some of the most famous activities are surfing, hiking, snorkeling, amusement parks, natural parks, and seeing kangaroos, koalas, or whales, among many other things. Although one of the best plans will always be a good barbecue with friends!

3. Gold Coast has a great Latin community, so if your English is not that good you won't have a problem since whenever you go down the street you will hear someone speaking Spanish. 

5. Being a coast, the Gold Coast is very easy to move in, whether you use public transport, a car, or a bicycle, the distances are manageable. We love that you can go to work and study within a walkable distance in just a few minutes!

6. There is an atmosphere for all tastes! If you love to party or if you are more into relaxation and yoga in the morning, you will have all the possibilities available!



1. We had mentioned the advantages, but the fact that there are many Latinos also has a drawback. And is that if you come to learn English and you only hang out with Latinos, you are missing out on a great learning opportunity. You have to learn to relate to more cultures!

2. If you spend a lot of time in Surfers Paradise, you will probably be overwhelmed by seeing so many tourists during the high season. There are areas on the Gold Coast that are quieter and more authentic Australian, so if you are looking for something less touristy, you will have to move away from the center.

3. Being a seasonal tourist city, the job offers decrease during the months of February to April. It does not mean that there is no work, but it is more difficult than during the months of July to December when work abounds. We recommend that you come during that season so as not to have a problem finding a job.

4. The most common and abundant jobs revolve around hospitality. Jobs as a waiter, runner, bartender, cook, and dishwasher are easy to find. However, not much availability of skilled jobs since it is a city more focused on tourism.



The climate of the Gold Coast is subtropical. The temperatures are very warm throughout the year and the winters are not very cold. We say that it is the perfect climate since you feel that it is hot all year round.

The change of seasons is not usually noticeable. The average temperature in summer is 30°C and in winter it does not drop below 18°C, so you only need a light jacket for the whole year. 

we like to think that you will never get bored of the weather since during the same week it can come out the day and rain several times. Of course, it never stops being hot even if a downpour is falling!

The climate is very similar to that of the Canary Islands, which is why many people have come to the Gold Coast looking for good weather.



Transportation on the Gold Coast revolves around the tram, train, and bus.

The GoCard is used to move around the Gold Coast by all means of transport. Each trip costs around $3 AUD and you can get a student discount depending on what you are studying.

The tram covers the entire coast from north to south quickly and efficiently. To enter from the coast, the easiest thing to do is use the bus that reaches many more remote neighborhoods.

We recommend you move by bicycle since the distances are not usually very large and so you can save yourself some extra money. On the Gold Coast cars are very respectful of cyclists and pedestrians!

In addition, it is currently expanding the beach esplanade, which is ideal for touring the entire coast with your bike with the best view in the entire Gold Coast.



Unlike other cities, on the Gold Coast there is not a big difference between the suburbs. You don't have to go so far from the center to find a home at a good price.

Renting a room is between the$200 and $300 weekly, depending on whether or not you share the room and how many people live in the house. In addition, it is very important to take into account the location and its distance to the center.

It is true that Surfers Paradise is one of the most expensive areas, but we always say that if you search you will find. We recommend you arrive in a rented room for the first weeks. In this way, you will have time to find accommodation without being overwhelmed.

The most common websites to find accommodation are:



Gold Coast has increased its population to more than 800,000 inhabitants in 2023. This Coast to the east of Australia became one of the favorite places to live among Australians

The main suburbs on the Gold Coast are:

1. Surfers Paradise: this is the true center of the city. Here everything comes together: beach, work, leisure, hospitality, and people. If you are looking for a quiet place, Surfers is not your thing. But if you like to live in an area with a lot of movement and opportunities, this could be your place.

2. Southport: A couple of tram stops north of Surfer Paradise, we find the suburb of Southport, which is more relaxed but has a lot of activity and offers. Many schools tend to be in this suburb, so it can be a good option to have work and school close to home.

3. Broadbeach: A couple of tram stops south of Surfer Paradise, we'll be in Broadbeach. This suburb is more frequented by Australians since it is far from the hustle and bustle but on the beach. It is a suburb with a good atmosphere and a lot of nature where you will also find many restaurants, cafes, and shops!

4. Burleigh Heads
: Leaving Surfers Paradise to the south of the Gold Coast, we find Burleigh Heads, a more residential and authentic Australian suburb. It is a very popular neighborhood that has a beach and a more Australian hippie atmosphere. There are not so many tourists and it is a good place to surf and lead a more relaxed life.

5. Main Beach
: North of Surfers Paradise we find the suburb of Main Beach, a favorite for wave lovers. This suburb is quite relaxed and perfect for those who seek tranquility and surf.

6. Other suburbs: We know that you would like to live on the beach, however, there are many more remote suburbs and with cheaper prices. On the Gold Coast, there are more than 80 suburbs, we have mentioned the most popular ones. It is very important that you consider public transport when choosing accommodation, as the bus schedule is quite poor and you may need a car if you are going to a more remote suburb. You have to consider all the variables when moving away from the center, it might suit you!




Have you decided on the Gold Coast yet? Congratulations, there are more than 60 kilometers of coastline waiting for you, so you can go through it all!

Gold Coast is full of activities throughout the year. Incredible events like world surfing championships, triathlons and marathons, car races, and air shows. As well as concerts and festivals!

The most attractive sites that we recommend you visit are:

1. Animal Sanctuaries and Natural Parks where you can see koalas, kangaroos, and much more (Currumbin Wildlife SanctuaryandCoombabah National Park).

2. If you are looking for the best panoramic view of the city, the building Sky Point is for you. You can go up to the 77th floor of this emblematic building to witness a view like no other!

3. If you like nature, natural parks are for you. On the Gold Coast, there are countless national parks, nature reserves, and parks declared as World Heritage Sites. Having the largest area of sub-tropical rainforest in Australia, it boasts incredible scenery. We recommend you visit springbrooktamborine y Lamington National Park.

We are always looking for new places to visit, so you can join our Aussie Dreams expeditions to get to know the best places on the Gold Coast and Australia!

Aerial View of Coast


in AUSSIE, DREAMS come true!



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