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Here you will find everything we offer you. There are no excuses, we have it all!


Australia is the ideal option to combine studies + work!

Here in Australia, the most common thing to start studying is an English course. Once you have improved your level of English, you can study a VET professional course, which allows you to develop a professional skill of your choice. There is no age limit to study in Australia, so there are no excuses to start!

And we not only help you come to study Australia. If you are already here and want to extend your stay by studying English or a VET course, we also help you to renew your study visa.

Best of all, you can combine your studies with work, which is one of the biggest advantages you have when studying in Australia.

So no matter what level of English you are at, we will help you find the best course for you!

Studying in Garden

Study General English or preparation for Professional Exam

Whether you're a beginner or advanced, there's always something more to learn and perfect. We will help you choose the course and school that best suits you!

Chefs Discussing over Food

Study VET professional courses that will grow your job opportunities!

Professional training courses specialized in a trade where theory and practice are taught.

Beach Selfie

Would you like to stay longer in Australia? We help you!

If your visa period has expired and you want to continue studying, we will help you to renew your visa.


Count on our support and experience from the very beginning

Personalized advice

From the moment you contact us, we advise you in the search for the course that best suits your goals and your experience.

We are a study very close student agency so feel confident and ask us any questions, whatever they may be!

Visa processing

We will help you with all the paperwork to process your visa once you decide which course and school you want to study. As simple as that!

Bank account opening

We have agreed with one of Australia's largest banks to open a bank account here in Australia. We make it easy for you to come to Australia to fulfill your dream!

Flight Search Support

If you see our vlog flying from Spain to Australia (you find it here) you will see that flying to Australia is quite an adventure. We help you find a flight that suits what you are looking for and at the best price.

Accommodation Help

One of the most important things when arriving in Australia is accommodation. It is very important to have a place to stay when you arrive since the first days are of total adaptation. We help you find accommodation that suits you best.


One of the student requirements in Australia is to have health insurance. And it is not that you are going to find a shark in your soup, but it is that when you arrive in a new country you have to be insured "just in case". We help you get health insurance that is more convenient for you.

Tips and Recommendations

What do I take in the suitcase? How can I practice my English before arriving? We are here for you for the thousand and one questions that may occur to you as the day approaches. We want the only thing you to feel is the excitement of fulfilling your dreams!


With Aussie Dreams you will receive these services for FREE!

Recogida en Aeropuerto
Cuenta Bancaria

Bank account opening

Aussie Dreams' agreement with Commonwealth Bank allows you to open a bank account from your country and transfer funds to Australia before you travel. This way you will have your Australian bank account active and ready when you arrive on the Gold Coast. You will save time and you will be able to concentrate on important issues such as finding accommodation and a job.

Tarjeta SIM

SIM card

Nothing is more important than staying connected, that's why we include a SIM card in our free welcome kit. As soon as you get to the Gold Coast you will have your SIM card so you can already communicate with your family and friends and tell them that the adventure has begun. You will see that it is very easy!

Solicitud de TFN

TFN request

TFN is the acronym for Tax File Number. It is a unique number, which will be your personal reference before the Australian tax office. This number is VERY important when you arrive in Australia since it is essential to start working. The process of requesting the TFN is very simple, in fact, we have a step-by-step tutorial here. However, we can request it for you so that you can begin to work as soon as possible!

Apoyo en CV

Support in your CV

We are proud to say that we are an agency that truly cares about students. That is why we have specialized workshops in creating Curriculums according to the area in which you would like to work. Your CV is your letter of introduction, so it is very important that it is adapted to the specifications of Australia and the job to which you apply. We give you all the tools and support to find a job as soon as possible!


We are not lying when we say that we really care about our students and want to offer them the best experience. This is why Aussie Dreams organized this barbecue for 200 people, totally free for everyone!


Are you ready to live the

We want to help you fulfill all your Australian dreams!

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