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Frequently asked questions about studying in Australia

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1. Can I do all this process on my own?

Theoretically, of course. However, as a study agency, we offer ALL our services for FREE. In addition, we are certified to advise you to make the best decision. Ask us without commitment.

2. Can I travel with my partner to Australia?

Yes, and they can even choose if only one of them studies or if they want to study both. To apply for a visa as a couple, you must demonstrate that you have been together for at least 1 year. If you want more information on which documents are valid to prove it, do not hesitate to contact us.

3. What should I study, an English course or a VET course?

This totally depends on your goals and your level of English. If you want to improve your level of English, we recommend that you study an English course. If you are more interested in developing yourself in a profession, you can study a VET course that allows you to go on fewer days to class.

A good option that allows you to learn English and develop professionally is to carry out a study plan for both courses. It has many advantages!

Contact us for more information!

4.  Can different courses be combined in the same visa?

Of course! You can do course packages and customize them however you want. As an example, you can study a General English course plus the preparation for a certificate such as TOEFL or Cambridge.

You can also study an English course plus a vocational course of your choice. You can even take different vocational courses of different progressions that complement each other.

Ask us for more information!

5. What is better, study during the day or at night?

It all depends on you and your preferences. In addition, it is important to take into account the hours in Australia. 

Generally, studying in the morning is good if you want to work nights in hospitality. However, if you are interested in working in cleaning or construction, studying in the evenings might be a better option, since these jobs are usually in the morning.

6. On what basis do I choose a school?

We always recommend you choose the school based on the quality. There is a big difference in prices depending on the teachers, the facilities, and the variety of nationalities of the students. 

We recommend you go to the best school that you can afford since you will notice the difference.  

We invite you to come to Australia to fulfill your dreams with Aussie Dreams!

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