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So you're interested in studying in Australia, huh? Well, you come to the right place!


Studying in Australia is an excellent option if you are looking to live a different experience that will change your life.We call it the Australian Dream and this country is full of opportunities and we want to help you fulfill all your dreams.

English courses are usually the first step for those who want to learn from scratch or perfect it. Although perhaps what you feel like studying is a professional training course. The best thing about the student visa is that it will allow you to study what best suits your needs.

We want to help you fulfill your dreams!



If you want to learn English from scratch or perfect it, Australia is for you. You also have the opportunity to work, travel to incredible places and meet people from all over the world.

If you like to chase your dreams, Australia is for you. And it is that in Australia, everything is possible!



In Australia, it is necessary to have a visa to enter the country. The student visa (Student Visa subclass 500) allows you to study and work, making it an excellent option to fulfill your dreams in Australia.
With the student visa, you can work part-time during the academic period and full-time during the holidays. Applying for this visa has a cost of $650 AUD and its requirements revolve around the course and the school in which you want to study.
At Aussie Dreams we offer you free advice to help you choose the school and course that best suits your goals and prior knowledge. Whether you want to study English from scratch or improve it, or if you want to study a VET professional training course, we have it all!
We have agreements with many schools in the Gold Coast and we will help you find the one that best suits you and helps you fulfill all your dreams in Australia.
There are other visas that also allow you to study. The tourist visa allows you to study for a maximum of 3 months, but you cannot work if you have this visa. The Work & Holiday Visa allows you to study for a maximum of 4 months while you work.



The total cost of studying in Australia depends on several factors. This indicative budget can give you an idea of how much money you would need to study in Australia. For a personalized budget, you can write to us and we will advise you for free throughout the process.

  • Student Visa:$650 AUD

  • Health insurance:$50 AUD monthly

  • Course:$220 AUD weekly(this price is approximate, contact us to give you the exact price of the courses we offer)

  • Flights:$2,000 AUD approximately

  • Savings: It will depend on how long you come, but the more you have, the better! We recommend taking enough money to cover all the expenses of the first month and thus not having worries.



The basic requirements to study in Australia are:


  1. Age: minimum of 16 years, but there is no age limit to study in Australia.

  2. ​Course: it is necessary to be enrolled in a course accepted by the government. The school will give you a COE number to apply for the visa. The minimum study time is 12 weeks.

  3. Health insurance: It is mandatory to have health insurance that covers your entire stay in Australia. We help you manage your OSHC medical insurance, which is specialized for student visas.

  4. Approved visa: You can be enrolled in a school, have paid for health insurance, and have applied for a visa. But as long as your student visa is not approved, you will not be able to come to study in Australia. This visa usually takes about 2 weeks to be accepted, although it can take a few hours or a month.

  5. Valid and current passport: You must have a passport with at least 6 months of validity before applying for the visa.

  6. Medical exam: It is not mandatory, but they may ask you if you have traveled to an exotic country in recent years.

  7. General Temporary Entry (GTE): This is one of the most important documents for your student visa. In this letter, you introduce yourself to immigration and explain your academic intentions in Australia. We help you write this letter so you don't have any problems.

  8. English level: If you come to study English, it is not necessary to demonstrate any level. This is a requirement to study a VET professional course.

  9. Economic solvency: Depending on the country you are from, the government may ask you for economic solvency. It is not a mandatory requirement for certain countries, but if it is, it must be demonstrated before applying for the visa



A great advantage of the student visa is that it allows you to study and work at the same time. However, you always have to meet the following conditions to guarantee the validity of your visa during your stay in Australia:
You must attend at least 80% of classes compulsorily. If you miss more than what is allowed, Inmigration can cancel your visa and force you to leave the country.
One has to follow the law and maintain good conduct. In Australia life is very good and citizens respect the rules. You'll see how easy it is to follow the rules when you see how well they work.
It is mandatory to make the income statement annually between the months of July and October, this is known as a tax return.



If you want to fulfill your dreams in Australia, you have several course options to study. The most common is to study an English course, but you can also study a VET course or even go to the University.
study an English course. It opens many doors for you and it doesn't matter what level you have, since in Australia you can study English from the most basic to the most advanced level, going through courses that prepare you for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge.
The VET courses are vocational training courses that focus on teaching a trade. In order to study a VET, you must have a certain level of English, so it is a good choice if you already speak the language but want to apply for a student visa. Its duration varies between 4 months to 2 years.
We have many VET course options from cooking, construction, marketing, business, fitness, automotive, and many more.

Write us for more information on all courses that we offer!



At Aussie Dreams we help you choose your school on the Gold Coast. We have a wide variety of budgets and courses to choose from. Contact us to advise you for free to choose the school that best suits your goals.

Are you ready to live the

We want to help you fulfill all your Australian dreams!

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