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What can you study in Australia?

whether you want to learn English from scratch or want to perfect it, we will help you find the course and academy that best suits you. Besides, with a student visa, you can work part-time while you study.

In Australia, you can not only study English, but you can also study a VET vocational course. These are professional training courses that focus on a specific tradeStudying a VET course can open the doors to the world of work in Australia. In addition to that you will have international recognition that will help you expand your curriculum and your level of English.

English courses

  • General English courses in all levels (from beginner to advanced) with 20 hours of study per week.

  • Courses of exam preparation of English IELTS, Cambridge, EAP, FCE, CAE, and more.

  • Full-time courses (4 or 5 days a week) or condensed version (fewer days, same number of hours).

  • Morning, afternoon, and night timetables to combine your studies with work in the way that suits you best!

College Classroom

VET courses

  • If your English level is good and you want to study and work in Australia, we offer you an interesting alternative: take a professional VET course.

  • There is a wide variety of VETS or Vocational Education Training Courses, there are courses for all tastes!

  • VET courses have a minimum duration of 3 months and can last up to 2 and a half years.

  • These courses are usually given 2 days a week. which will give you a lot of flexibility to combine it with work. 

For  more information on each VET course (duration, price, schools and much more) write to us for advice.
We advise you at no cost!

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